My two children had grown up and left home! My expenses were less and I could now choose how to spend my time. I started to travel. The winter months in England have always made me feel low, and unable to find inspiration for my painting. I saw an ad in an art paper. 'Come to Tuscany and paint and sculpt in the sun' For three glorious months I lived in an artist's house in two small rooms with a bed, table chair and easel. All I had to do was to paint, I had no radio, phone or T.V. It was one of the happiest times of my life! In February I sat on a hill-side in the heather with lizards and butterflies my companions, picking small oranges off the ground and hearing the goat bells ring as the shepherd took his flock up into the mountains. I did sculpt a head  and painted in oil and watercolour. I carried my sketchbook everywhere and some of the sketches I still work from. Many are illustrated here. Other, later trips, took me to Thailand, Singapore, Mexico and India, Turkey and Japan. Many of them repeated and for at least three months.