Opportunity Knocked!

Earlier this year, just after the Christmas holiday break, I was feeling rather low, as one does on cold grey winter days, and found myself thinking that it was time I sold off some of the many paintings on my walls. A few days later having been asked to submit a watercolour of Hampstead Heath for an exhibition at the musuem in Burgh House, had to pass the main gallery.

I looked in and to my surprise the walls were bare of paintings, not something you like to see, as an artist! I chatted to the management and was offered two weeks for the price of one to show my work. What an opportunity! That evening I had picked out 21 watercolours, labelled them, designed and printed 10 posters and emailed invitations to as many people as I could think of. The following morning I took a cab with my work to Burgh House and after some strenuous feats of balancing on a ladder had, by mid-day hung an exhibition!

In spite of the time of year and with no advanced publicity, I sold four watercolours, several unframed pictures and many postcards.

Which goes to show how, when fate takes a hand and the timing is right, you don’t think too hard about making a decision, just do it!