My two books, 'MARI I'ANSON'S FINCHLEY SKETCHBOOK' and 'INDIAN SKETCHBOOK' are selling well and the latter has been admired in India and outlets in London where Indian culture lives. I have a Clearance Sale in my studio and gallery at 5 The Grove, Finchley N3 . Friday 29th, Sat 30th and Sun 31st. 2-6pm.Prices will be slashed considerably in… Read More »

Latest News

Here I go again! It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog! Where have I been? Not trailing around some hot exotic outpost, with sketchbooks in hand! I have been recovering from a small operation and keeping myself quiet. But, even so, I have been planningt several exhibitions. In July I took a week out to… Read More »

Looking Back

Yesterday I took a portfolio of my fashion drawings out of hiding. Why is an artist in watercolour and oil painting looking back at her former life as a fashion illustrator you may ask? But I was amazed at the amount of work I had accomplished and also at the quality of of it! Throughout the early days of my… Read More »

House Portraits

I cannot look at an interesting building without wanting to draw it. Whether it is a tudor cottage with wonderful oak beams that invite a black and white sketch, an elegant Edwardian house with patterned brickwork, stained glass and handcrafted windows, or even the simple lines of a modern structure. Shops, schools and public buildings all come within the range… Read More »

Opportunity Knocked!

Earlier this year, just after the Christmas holiday break, I was feeling rather low, as one does on cold grey winter days, and found myself thinking that it was time I sold off some of the many paintings on my walls. A few days later having been asked to submit a watercolour of Hampstead Heath for an exhibition at the… Read More »


I thought I would start today with my next exhibition. Well, not just me, but quite a few others! I belong to the United Society of Artists and our annual show comes up soon and have been having difficulty deciding what to put in. I am thinking of the cost of cabs, and so will use my free travel pass… Read More »

A Life in Art

This is me, Mari I'Anson ... an artist living in Finchley, London. I have been an artist all my life from early infancy when I drew on anything at hand. Sitting on my Dad's knee, I watched as he transformed a piece of paper into a pram. It had wheels and a hood (as they did in those days) a… Read More »

Another Year

Another year, and what a lot happened. I had an exhibition at Southwark Cathedral in February through to April which included Easter in the refectory. 'My London' consisted of a series of ink and watercolours and The Mayor of Barnet visited, wearing his chain of office and paying me the compliment of buying a picture. I love this Cathedral, the… Read More »

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