Looking Back

Yesterday I took a portfolio of my fashion drawings out of hiding. Why is an artist in watercolour and oil painting looking back at her former life as a fashion illustrator you may ask? But I was amazed at the amount of work I had accomplished and also at the quality of of it!

Throughout the early days of my career, whilst raising two small kids, I survived independantly, taking any work that was thrown at me, and producing illustrations that I now view as pretty good.

Fashion illustration is not now being commissioned in advertising or publishing, as photography has become the norm, and so the time of the commercial artist has all but disappeared. The fashion artist was the darling of magazine editors and agents and now the work has been taken over by the computer designer. Who needs to draw?
However, I feel there is an interest in such work as what is known as retro . Clothes, furnishings and objects d’ arte are all in demand, looking back at a lost world. I am considering using some of the images to frame and turn into cards. So that my fashion drawings should sit comfortably beside my waterclours on gallery walls.